Projects and Portfolios

A 4-H Project is a subject area that you are passionate about and spend a lot of time studying about and doing activities that relate to that subject area. Picking a project is a lot like picking a college major. After all, 4-H is educational, and this is your chance to pick a topic that fascinates you and dive into it!

Your 4-H Project is the foundation of your 4-H career and possibly your future professional career! By having a project, you will set clearer goals and select activities that will help you reach them.

So, how do you pick a project? First, think about what activities you are already doing. Then, think about what kind of career you might like to have when you’re older and what classes you enjoy most at school. Are you noticing any patterns? It’s likely that from those exercises you discovered some topics that you spend a lot of time on already. Once you have that, take a look at the list of project areas offered in 4-H. Pick 2-3 projects that you think would best fit you, and then contact your 4-H Agents! They will help you pick the best project for
you and plan your next steps so that next year you will be ready when it’s time to complete a portfolio, enter an interactive exhibit, and apply for conferences.

Use the start guide attached below!

Junior High Portfolios are due August 2!

*Include forms for 2021 and 2020. You may also include 2019 if you would like.


•Jr. High youth will complete a narrative instead of a resume.  The narrative will be located in the same location as the resume for Sr. High youth.  Detailed instructions on what to include in the narrative are in the guidelines. 

•Jr. High youth are not required to complete a project showcase.